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Mizoram’s Ninth Legislative Assembly Gears Up for Second-cum-Budget Session

In a significant development, the government of Mizoram has officially announced the commencement of the Second-cum-Budget Session for the Ninth Legislative Assembly, scheduled to begin on February 19, 2024. The legislative proceedings will take place at the Legislative Assembly House, starting at 10:30 hours on the specified date.

The official notification, released on January 30, outlines key details regarding the upcoming session and emphasizes the importance of timely submission of Legislative proposals. According to the notice, all government departments with proposed legislations are required to submit their proposals before February 12, 2024, ensuring a streamlined and efficient legislative process.

The government’s proactive approach in inviting Legislative proposals reflects a commitment to inclusivity and participatory governance. This practice allows various departments to contribute their insights and recommendations, contributing to a well-rounded legislative agenda.

The notice underlines that the submitted proposals must adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Office Memorandum issued on August 4, 2020. This memorandum outlines the procedural aspects of submitting Legislative proposals, ensuring transparency and conformity to established norms.

An interesting feature highlighted in the notice is the requirement for soft copies, to be submitted along with the proposals on a pen drive. This digital approach not only aligns with modern practices but also enhances the efficiency of document handling and retrieval during the legislative process.

As Mizoram gears up for its Second-cum-Budget Session, the timely submission of Legislative proposals becomes crucial in facilitating meaningful discussions and decision-making. The government’s call for proposals underscores the collaborative nature of the legislative process, encouraging active participation from various departments in shaping the state’s policies and priorities.

The upcoming session holds significance as it includes budgetary deliberations, a pivotal aspect of governance. The decisions made during this session will have far-reaching implications on the state’s development, resource allocation, and overall economic trajectory.

The announcement of Mizoram’s Ninth Legislative Assembly’s Second-cum-Budget Session marks a milestone in the state’s democratic journey. As government officials and legislators prepare for these deliberations, the emphasis on transparency, adherence to established procedures, and the invitation for active participation in the legislative process set a positive tone for constructive governance in Mizoram.

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