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Nagaland: Centre’s Share for schemes to be released only after State, says MP

In a significant development, Nagaland’s lone Lok Sabha MP, Tokheo Yepthomi, revealed that the state would receive the Centre’s share of 90% for central schemes and projects in Dimapur starting this year. However, Yepthomi emphasized that the release of funds would be contingent upon the state government first providing its 10% share.

This announcement sheds light on a crucial financial arrangement between the Centre and Nagaland, which aims to ensure greater accountability and shared responsibility in the implementation of various development initiatives. The move signifies the government’s commitment to promoting collaboration between the central and state authorities to drive progress and uplift the lives of Nagaland’s residents.

Under this new arrangement, Nagaland will be required to fulfill its financial commitment of contributing 10% towards central schemes and projects. Only after the state government disburses its share will the Centre release the remaining 90% of funds earmarked for development initiatives in Nagaland.

This approach serves as a catalyst for efficient and effective utilization of funds, as it aligns the state government’s priorities and resource allocation with the Centre’s initiatives. It encourages greater involvement from the state administration, ensuring a more comprehensive and coordinated implementation of various developmental schemes.

With this new funding framework in place, the state government of Nagaland is expected to assume a more active role in shaping and executing development plans. It presents an opportunity for the state to harness its resources and expertise in a manner that complements the central government’s vision for inclusive growth and progress.

Furthermore, this arrangement fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility at the state level, instilling a greater commitment towards successful execution of projects and initiatives. It paves the way for Nagaland to effectively utilize available resources, optimize project outcomes, and ensure the sustainable development of the state.

As the Centre’s share is tied to the state government’s contribution, this financial arrangement encourages a participatory approach, allowing both entities to work together in tandem. By pooling resources and expertise, Nagaland can leverage the full potential of central schemes, further strengthening the state’s development trajectory.

Nagaland’s MP, Tokheo Yepthomi, expressed his optimism about the new funding mechanism and highlighted its potential to propel Nagaland towards accelerated development. He underscored the importance of timely release of funds by the state government, emphasizing that it would enable the Centre to fulfill its commitments promptly.

This landmark decision sets the stage for enhanced collaboration between the Centre and Nagaland, marking a significant milestone in the state’s developmental journey. With the release of the Centre’s share contingent on the state government’s contribution, this financial arrangement promotes transparency, accountability, and effective utilization of resources, ultimately benefiting the people of Nagaland.

The new funding mechanism reflects the government’s recognition of the unique challenges and aspirations of Nagaland. By ensuring that both the Centre and the state government have a stake in the financial commitment, it creates a strong incentive for timely disbursement of funds and diligent project execution.

The participation of the state government in contributing 10% towards central schemes also signifies its commitment to prioritizing development and investing in the future of Nagaland. This shared responsibility fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment among the state authorities, enabling them to actively engage in decision-making processes and channel resources effectively.

The funds received from the Centre will play a pivotal role in driving development across various sectors in Nagaland. From infrastructure projects to healthcare initiatives, education programs, and agricultural advancements, the released funds will fuel progress and improve the standard of living for the people of Nagaland.

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