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NESO Condemns Bomb Blast at AMSU Office

North East Students' Organization (NESO)

The North East Students’ Organization (NESO) vehemently condemns the recent bomb blast at the All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) office. The explosion, which occurred on Tuesday morning, has left the entire student community in shock and dismay.

According to reports, the AMSU office in Imphal was targeted by unknown assailants who planted an explosive device outside the premises. The blast resulted in significant damage to the office building, shattering windows and causing structural harm. Thankfully, no casualties have been reported thus far.

NESO, representing the collective voice of students from the northeastern states, has issued a stern statement denouncing the cowardly act of violence. The organization has called for a thorough investigation into the incident to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice swiftly.

Expressing solidarity with AMSU and the student community of Manipur, NESO has urged authorities to step up security measures to prevent such incidents in the future. The safety and security of students and educational institutions must be prioritized, and perpetrators of violence must be dealt with sternly.

About The Blast

The bomb blast at the AMSU office is not only an attack on the student organization but also a threat to the democratic values and peaceful coexistence in the region. NESO emphasizes the need for unity and collective action to combat forces that seek to disrupt peace and stability in the northeastern states.

Furthermore, NESO has called upon the government to provide adequate support and assistance to AMSU in restoring its office and ensuring the safety of its members. The organization stands ready to extend any necessary support to AMSU and other student bodies affected by such incidents.

In the wake of this reprehensible act, NESO urges all stakeholders, including law enforcement agencies, civil society organizations, and the public at large, to work together towards promoting harmony and upholding the principles of democracy and justice.

The condemnation from NESO echoes the sentiments of students across the region, who stand united in their resolve to reject violence and uphold the spirit of fraternity and peace. As investigations into the AMSU office bomb blast continue, the need for vigilance and solidarity among all stakeholders remains paramount.

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