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Ongoing Raid in Agartala and Sipahijhala : Drug Trafficking Cases

According to the current reports, the Directorate of Enforcement (ED) has been conducting raids due to a few drug trafficking cases. The checking is taking place in the Agartala and Sipahijhala districts of Tripura. All the checking is going on under the provisions of the Prevention of money laundering cases (PMLA). The investigation is related to three drug trafficking cases in the state.

Moreover, the investigation began under PMLA 2002 based on the registration of FIR under section 20/29 of the NDPS Act. People involved in such cases are Sujit Sarkar, Bijoy Paul, and the family of Paresh Chandra Roy. They were charged with selling cannabis and its trafficking. They were selling cannabis in excess limit which is prohibited under the act of NDPS 1985.

Also, during their investigation, lots of cash was found in their bank accounts. In their search operations, the total amount of Rs 2 crore found in back balance, FD, insurance policies, properties, etc are seized as of now. Further investigation is still going on.

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