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Ooj Utsav – Celebration of essence of life

Ooj Foundation New Delhi a non-profit service organisation held its second anniversary celebration on the 9 th July at India International Centre.

2. Yogi Priyavrat Animesh ji who is the Founder of the Ooj was present on the occasion. He is a visionary and practitioner of energy channelisation. Yogi Priyavrat is formally trained in Shaivaite practices and follows the eternal traditions of the Akhada. He has a formal knowledge of rituals in associated with these traditions. These, he believes, help in creating a heart and disposition that is aligned with the universal energies directed to spiritual harmony and eventually spiritual growth with time and practice. 

3. Also were present on the occasion as speakers were Arijit Dutta  owner of Priya Cinema and Entertainment Private Limited and Kamal Singhani  India Country Partner IBM Consulting. The speakers highlighted the importance of resilience, transformation through self awareness and energy structures.

 4. The members gathered to reflect on the spirit of the Ooj Foundation. A spirit that sees the value of every individual, the power of volunteerism, and the transformational effect of spiritual growth. Over the past two years, Ooj embarked on various humanistic and spiritual initiatives, each one a testament to the commitment to promoting a culture of empathy, understanding, and selfless service – SEVA

 5. On this occasion the purpose of the organisation and a 5 year roadmap was presented.

The roadmap talked about the prominent activities that the organisation would take up and the partnership the organisation would forge with different stakeholders.

Ooj Foundation would support the transformative processes in individuals and in the organisations by way of Yoga, Jaap, Kriya and Meditation.

6.  Ooj Foundation would be collaborating in the field of agriculture, livelihood through farming and value added chains. Ooj is working with Sunflag Agrotech in Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh in farmers training.

7. The Foundation would also be training youth by way of Yoga training camps and would focus on their ability around adaptation with environment. Scores of Ojaswi were present during the Utsav.

Myriad of people from all walks of life attended the Utsav from Haryana, Delhi, Chandigarh. This included corporates, lawyers,  artists, models, actors, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats and people from the field of social service and political arena.  It included Shri Karnail Singh, Smt Monica Arora, Shri Rakesh Rawat Dr Dixit from AIIMS and Advocate Rohit Pandey , Secretary Supreme Court.

The Utsav was also adored by soulful singing by Dr Oshin Bhatia a proponent of Gwalior Gharana singing.

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