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Parbati Baruah Dedicates Padma Shri Award to Entire Assam

Padma Shri awardee Parbati Baruah, hailing from Assam, expressed her joy and gratitude to the central government for the prestigious recognition. In a heartfelt statement, she emphasized that the honor is not solely for her but a tribute to the entire state of Assam.

Recognition for Entire Assam

Parbati Baruah, who has dedicated four decades to mitigating human-elephant conflicts, conveyed her thanks to both the central and state governments. She underscored that the Padma Shri award symbolizes recognition for the collective efforts and spirit of the people of Assam.

Lifelong Commitment to Wildlife

Having engaged in elephant capturing since the age of 14, Parbati Baruah shared her deep connection with elephants and wildlife. Her lifelong dedication to these magnificent creatures and their caretakers has been a labor of love.

Parbati Baruah, at 67 years old, has shattered gender stereotypes entrenched in society. Her journey began in her early childhood when she acquired skills from her father, eventually playing a pivotal role in the capturing and taming of wild elephants.

Contribution to Mitigating Conflicts

Her commitment to employing scientific practices has proven instrumental in assisting three state governments in addressing the complex issue of human-elephant conflicts. Parbati Baruah’s unique approach and significant contributions have not only made her a Padma Shri awardee but also a symbol of resilience and dedication.

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