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Pradyot Kishore Urges Supporters to Refrain from Burning Effigies of Chief Minister, Emphasizes Respectful Protests

In a display of goodwill, the leader of ‘Tipra Motha’ and royal scion, Pradyot Kishore, has directed his party workers and supporters to refrain from actions such as burning effigies of Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha, deeming such actions as “distasteful.” This directive follows an incident where Chief Minister Dr. Saha requested party members not to address Pradyot Kishore as ‘Maharaja’ or ‘Bubagra,’ emphasizing that such titles are not expected in a democratic system. The Chief Minister’s statement, widely reported by the local media, triggered strong reactions among Pradyot’s followers, resulting in protest programs in various places, including the burning of an effigy of the Chief Minister in Takarjala.

In response to the protests, Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha visited Pradyot Kishore at his residence, the royal ‘Ujjayanta Palace,’ where they exchanged compliments and pleasantries while discussing Pradyot’s well-being. Pradyot was pleased with this gesture and expressed his disapproval of his followers burning effigies of the Chief Minister through a social media post. He described the incidents as “unfortunate” and mentioned that he had personally spoken to the Chief Minister, who showed great respect for himself and his family. Pradyot emphasized that in a democracy, everyone has the right to protest, but certain means of protest, such as burning effigies, are unacceptable. He urged his supporters to refrain from engaging in such unsavory forms of protest, as they do not align with their values.

Pradyot Kishore’s comment reflects his commitment to fostering a culture of respectful protests among his supporters. While acknowledging the importance of expressing dissent in a democratic society, he emphasized that the means through which protests are conducted play a crucial role. Burning effigies of political figures, including the Chief Minister, not only tarnishes the values they hold dear but also fails to contribute constructively to the democratic process. Pradyot’s appeal to his supporters to refrain from engaging in such actions is a step toward promoting a more civil and respectful political discourse.

Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha’s visit to Pradyot Kishore’s residence and their cordial interaction indicate a willingness on both sides to bridge differences and maintain a harmonious relationship. By showing respect and extending courtesies, the Chief Minister demonstrated his personal regard for Pradyot and his family. This exchange sets a positive example for political leaders and highlights the importance of mutual respect, even in the face of differing ideologies.

Pradyot Kishore’s directive to his followers to refrain from burning effigies of Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha showcases his commitment to promoting respectful and dignified protests. While recognizing the right to dissent in a democratic society, Pradyot emphasized that certain means of protest, such as burning effigies, do not align with their values and fail to contribute constructively to the political discourse. The Chief Minister’s visit to Pradyot’s residence and their pleasant exchange demonstrate their willingness to maintain a cordial relationship and respect democratic principles. By fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding, both leaders contribute to a more harmonious and constructive political landscape in Tripura.

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