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Preparations Underway for Grand Celebration of Traditional ‘Kharchi Puja’ in Tripura

The much-anticipated weeklong traditional ‘Kharchi Puja,’ a worship ceremony dedicated to fourteen Gods and Goddesses who have been the household deities of Tripura kings for over six hundred years, is set to commence on June 26 this year. This annual event has transformed into a statewide and inter-state affair over the past seventy-five years, attracting pilgrims and devotees from various parts of the country to participate in the ritual worship and festive celebrations.

In preparation for this grand event, the state government of Tripura is taking comprehensive measures to ensure the success of the ‘Kharchi Puja’ and the accompanying fair. Recently, an executive committee and several sub-committees were formed during a high-level meeting, which was presided over by Ratan Chakraborty, the MLA of the area, and attended by Debapriya Bardhan, the District Magistrate (West), along with other elected dignitaries from the Khayerpur assembly constituency.

During the meeting, MLA Ratan Chakraborty called upon all participants to work together to ensure the resounding success of the upcoming ‘Kharchi Puja’ and fair. DM Debapriya Bardhan discussed the necessary preparations required to achieve this goal. He emphasized the importance of representatives from various departments in ensuring the proper daily cleaning of the fairgrounds, arranging for adequate water supply for the devotees, renovating the road access to the temple, maintaining an uninterrupted electricity supply, providing sufficient lighting, setting up a medical facility center, installing CCTV cameras, managing traffic control, and implementing other related measures.

Bardhan stressed the need for spontaneous cooperation from all stakeholders involved to make the upcoming fair and ritual worship a memorable and successful event for the devotees and the people of Tripura.

The ‘Kharchi Puja’ holds immense cultural and religious significance in Tripura, serving as a testament to the rich heritage and traditions of the region. As preparations are underway for this year’s event, the state government’s commitment to organizing a grand celebration highlights the importance of preserving and promoting Tripura’s cultural legacy.

The ‘Kharchi Puja’ and the accompanying fair are eagerly awaited by both locals and visitors alike, who eagerly anticipate the unique religious experience and the vibrant festivities. With meticulous planning and active participation from various stakeholders, the upcoming ‘Kharchi Puja’ promises to be a memorable occasion, upholding the age-old customs and fostering a sense of unity and joy among all those who take part in the celebrations.

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