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PRITHS Unveils a Tapestry of Elegance: Spotlight on Bihar Couture Runway 2023

In the heart of Bihar’s capital city, Patna, fashion aficionados gathered at the prestigious Gyan Bhawan to witness the spectacular Bihar Couture Runway, an annual non-profit fashion event organized by SR Adventures. With the invaluable support of Captain Aryan Sinha, Abhishek, and Shubham Rajveer, the runway extravaganza unfolded, showcasing an incredible fusion of established designers from across the country and emerging talents from the region.

Behind the scenes, the unstoppable team members of SR Adventures and Tanaash Media, including Nahid Fatima, Vikas Kumar, and Avinash Ranjan, played pivotal roles in orchestrating a show that was nothing short of grandeur. Their collective efforts transformed the runway into a mesmerizing display of Bihar’s rich crafts, culture, and techniques in the realm of fashion. The very ethos of Bihar Couture Runway is rooted in a commitment to nurturing both established and emerging designers from Bihar regions and pan India also. Collaborating with national and international partners and sponsors, like TRISTAR MOTORS MERCEDES BENZ, VLCC, SAI ASHIRWAAD CONSTRUCTION PVT. LTD. THE JAWED HABIB BORING ROAD and Many more companies are the organization creates opportunities that serve as a launchpad for designers to showcase their creativity and craftsmanship. The runway promises not just a display of fashion but a celebration of the timeless heritage of an Indian and Bihar’s crafts.

The spotlight of the show fell on the opening presentation by PRITHS, the brainchild of the talented designer Pritam. The collection featured an eclectic mix of textiles, including brocade, velvet, tulle, and satin, skillfully crafted into a stunning array of tulle dresses, satin bustiers, and feminine skirts. Pritam ingeniously infused a twist of drapes into the one-piece ensembles, breathing new life into the traditional brocade fabric. The show reached its pinnacle as the charismatic Nitika Satya, Mrs. India Galaxy 2023, graced the runway as the showstopper. Dressed in a vibrant red and gold brocade draped dress, complemented by a one-sleeve jacket and a tulle veil attached at one shoulder, Nitika exuded grace and sophistication. The ensemble was further elevated by the dazzling diamond and stone-studded winner’s crown, a masterpiece in collaboration with the esteemed jewelry partner, ‘House of Vedika.’The artistry of Lakme Academy Raja Bzara played a pivotal role in elevating the overall allure of the show.

The collaborative efforts showcased at Bihar Couture Runway are a testament to the synergy between designers, organizers, and sponsors, all driven by a common passion for promoting and preserving the cultural tapestry of Bihar through the lens of fashion. The event seamlessly blended tradition with modernity, creating a platform that not only celebrates the artisans’ craftsmanship but also fosters the growth of emerging talents in the fashion industry. As the curtains closed on Bihar Couture Runway, the audience was left in awe, having witnessed a spectacle that transcended the boundaries of fashion and art. The event, with its unwavering dedication to promoting diversity, innovation, and heritage, has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the fashion landscape of Bihar. In the years to come, Bihar Couture Runway is poised to be a beacon for emerging designers and a symbol of Bihar’s rich cultural legacy in the world of fashion.

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