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Protests in Moran: Outrage Over Principal’s Release Amid Molestation Claims

In Eastern Assam’s Moran, a wave of protests surged on Saturday after the release of the principal of Moran Higher Secondary School, who stands accused of molesting a class 7 student. Outraged students and activists from the All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) took to the streets, expressing their anger and demanding justice for the victim.

Outpouring of Anger and Demand for Justice

Expressing shock and disgust, a substantial gathering of students and AASU activists took to the streets outside the school in a fervent display of protest. They not only blocked roads but also raised fervent slogans, demanding swift and stringent action against the principal. The incident is deemed as a shameful act unprecedented in the history of Moran Higher Secondary School.

An AASU activist vocalized the collective sentiment, stating, “We demand the principal’s immediate arrest and severe punishment for his crime. Loopholes in our law should not allow him to escape justice.” The fervor of the protests underscores the community’s commitment to holding those in authority accountable for their actions.

Concurrently, the victim’s family has lodged a formal complaint at Moran police station, urging a thorough investigation and robust legal measures against the accused principal. The legal recourse aims to ensure that the alleged misconduct is met with the appropriate consequences, addressing the concerns of the victim’s family and the larger community.

The gravity of the situation and the public outcry underscore the need for a comprehensive and transparent legal process to address such sensitive matters. The demand for justice resonates not only within Moran but also across the region as concerned citizens and activists join hands to advocate for accountability and safeguard the rights of students.

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