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Provision of Deputation to TRBT Candidates on Multiple Claims

Candidates made a deputation to the Controller of Exams of TRBT to protest against the mistakes in the question papers of the TET exam, demanding the release of the exam results. They demanded that the result should be published soon and the mistakes of the office should be resolved.

A candidate said that they had TET exam last December. But even after three months have passed, the results have not been released yet. In addition to their further complaint, like the last TET exam, there were multiple mistakes in the question paper. Despite approaching the exam controller of TRBT several times, no solution was found. Finally, on Tuesday, they again provided deputation to Shiksha Bhaban.
They demanded that the result of the TET examination be published as soon as possible and that the blunders of the department should be resolved. In this regard, the exam controller of TRBT has clearly informed them that it will take some more time to resolve all the issues.

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