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Raimona National Park In Assam Receives High-Technology Facilities

Raimona National Park

Aaranyak, a renowned organization devoted to the research-based protection of biodiversity, has given ten contemporary wireless communication equipment to Raimona National Park which is the youngest of the six national parks in Assam.

These designed Motorola technology were purchased with the help of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation which has supported Aaranyak for a long time in its conservation efforts.

During the handing off of the communication devices, more than 40 persons attended the occasion, including representatives from Aaranyak and forest officials.

The Divisional Forest Officer commended Aaranyak for providing consistent and substantial assistance to help the Forest Service’s efforts to conserve wildlife in Assam and other regions of the nation.

Dr. Dipankar Lahkar, a prominent conservationist in Aaranyak, and Binita Baruwati, another conservationist in Aaranyak, worked together to plan the event. Aaranyak sent four motorbikes to each of Raimona National Park’s four ranges in the past also to make it easier for front-line forest workers to move where infrastructure and logistics are being improved.

Raimona is a new National Park with enormous potential to assist towards wildlife conservation in western Assam bordering Bhutan stated Dr. Bibhab Kumar Talukdar, the organization’s CEO and secretary general.

Aaranyak is delighted to provide Kachugaon Forest Division with the necessary assistance after realizing the necessity of strengthening wireless communication networks in collaboration with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

On January 25 of the previous year, a Royal Bengal Tiger was seen using a camera trap in Raimona National Park, providing the first proof of tiger existence there since the Assam Government designated the area as a national park in the state.

The royal Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, Golden Langur, Chinese Pangolin, Dhole, and Small cats are among the vulnerable species that may be found at Raimona National Park.

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