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Robbery Strikes Fear in Bishalgarh: Lorry Loaded with Puffed Rice Looted, Driver Abducted

In a shocking turn of events, Bishalgarh, a region near Agartala, was gripped with panic and tension as a group of miscreants carried out a brazen robbery. The incident unfolded at Bishalgarh Lockdown Bazar when a lorry, loaded with puffed rice and en route to Agartala, fell victim to the criminal act.

The driver, Rakesh Hossain, recounted the harrowing experience, stating that his vehicle was hit by a bike, seemingly intentionally. Following the collision, a group of youths swiftly seized the opportunity, rushing to the scene and abducting the lorry to a nearby rubber garden. The assailants didn’t spare Hossain, subjecting him to physical assault before looting a substantial amount of Rs 2.5 lakh from him.

The situation took a more sinister turn when the miscreants reportedly contacted the vehicle owner, issuing threats of dire consequences and demanding a hefty ransom for the safe release of both the driver and the lorry.

Upon receiving information, the Bishalgarh police acted promptly, reaching the scene to investigate the incident. Despite the owner and a team of police personnel searching several locations in the area, the miscreants managed to evade capture, eventually releasing the vehicle and its driver before making a swift escape.

According to the vehicle owner, the perpetrators hailed from Bishalgarh and nearby areas, orchestrating a violent act that left the driver battered and the owner financially distraught.

In a significant development, the police detained a scooter believed to be associated with one of the miscreants, providing a potential lead for the ongoing investigation. A case has been registered as the authorities intensify efforts to bring the culprits to justice.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by communities in maintaining law and order, urging authorities to take swift action to ensure the safety and security of residents. As the investigation unfolds, residents of Bishalgarh remain on edge, hoping for a resolution that will restore a sense of calm and security in their community.

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