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Samikssha Batnagar Set to Thrill Audiences with Crime Thriller Web Series ‘Mouka Ya Dhokha’

Samikssha Batnagar

In a recent interview, popular actress Samikssha Batnagar discussed her highly anticipated web series, titled ‘Mouka Ya Dhokha,’ which falls under the crime thriller genre. Following her tremendous success in Dharavi Bank, Batnagar is now geared up for her latest release on the renowned platform, Hungama Originals.

In ‘Mouka Ya Dhokha,’ Batnagar portrays the character of Shalini, a central figure known for her nuanced portrayal and captivating layers. The character strikes a delicate balance between seduction and vulnerability, offering a rich blend of love, emotion, action, masala, and romance. The series is brilliantly directed by Kabir Sadanand, who has delivered exceptional work.

Reflecting on her experience, Batnagar expressed how this role pushed her boundaries as a performer. She anticipates surprising her audience with a whole new avatar, demonstrating her versatility and range.

Batnagar’s career witnessed a phenomenal year with six releases across theaters and OTT platforms. With this year holding promises of several significant releases, ‘Mouka Ya Dhokha’ marks the beginning of an exciting journey. Adding to her joy, Batnagar had the privilege of lending her vocals to the series’ title track, making it a doubly delightful experience.

The actress couldn’t contain her excitement and thrill during this phase of her life, eagerly anticipating the response from her fans and viewers alike.

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