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Sashafé: Breaking Medical Wear Stereotypes among India’s Real-Life Celebrities

In the ever-evolving global world of style, a pioneering brand has emerged, revolutionizing the way we perceive medical wear. Sashafé, India’s first designer luxury brand for medical clothing, is sweeping the healthcare business, catering to real-life celebrities who deserve comfort, style, and elegance while treating patients.

Sashafé, The First Designer Luxury Brand for Healthcare Professionals, began with the enticing idea of personalized clothing, footwear, socks, accessories, badges and much more.. The brand’s mission is to deliver helpful, comfortable, elegant Sashafe’s vogue to doctors, nurses, paramedics, and everyone else in the medical industry.

The advent of Sashafé is a departure from the usual image of doctors as serious and nerdy folks. The brand is a forward-thinking and modern makeover for medical professionals, providing them with the comfort and style they deserve. Medical wear is no longer synonyms with drab and oversized uncomfortable plastic like and PPE clothing; Sashafé has aggressively revolutionized the concept of clinical apparel by emphasizing design, comfort, and usefulness.

When it comes to medical wear, quality is non-negotiable, and Sashafé guarantees that each garment is made with premium fabrics that are kind on the skin, easy to keep, and sturdy enough to weather the trials of a medical journey. This dedication to excellence ensures that real-life superstars may concentrate on their recuperation without sacrificing ease or flair. Each item is meticulously chosen to ensure exceptional quality, hygiene, and consistency, with the founders performing experiments on themselves and paying special attention to every detail.

The heart of Sashafe’s values extends beyond style. The brand takes pleasure in being a premium brand as well as an ethical, sustainable, and responsible coterie with strong values at its core. Sashafé is an enduring hymn to indeterminate potential, breakthrough achievements, and escape from clichéd stereotyped medical expert interpretations. The firm intends to employ people from low socioeconomic backgrounds, addressing the massive impact of the unemployment rate among artists, designers, seamstresses, and others.

Dr Sana Farista, interviewed by Forbes India as one of the Top 100 Influential Women in India, is not only a pioneer in laser dentistry but also the Founder and Investor for India’s First Designer Medical Wear Brand – Sashafé. Dr Sana Farista’s aim to create a unique blend of design and utility for healthcare workers has resulted in the creation of the company. Sashafé is established out of a desire to give beautiful, soft, and flexible apparel to the medical field.

Sashafé is more than simply a brand; it is a movement aimed at changing people’s perceptions of medical clothing. Dr Sana Farista, also known as the Laser Lady of India, combines her love of style and healthcare to create a clothing collection that defies the traditional image of a “medical uniform.” It’s not a uniform, she says, but a Convience Suit that carries one’s personality.

Dr. Sana Farista’s displeasure with the customary, uncomfortable doctor attire started the trip. She began on a trend design course to obtain the requisite skills, determined to design outfits that complemented not only her personality but also the entire hospital staff. Dr. Sana Farista, who has a passion for excellence, ensured that every creation, from the raw materials to the finished product, was done in-house.

Dr. Sana Farista feels that doctors and nurses are neither boring, nerdy, shabby, or monotonous. To combat this concept, she became the doctor designer herself, to provide a place for real-life heroes to be pampered, cared for, and loved by Sashafé.

The brand flourished quickly, filling a vacuum in the market for cozy and stylish medical apparel. Sashafé is a one-stop shop for all doctors, nurses, and the medical community as a whole. Sashafé exemplifies Dr. Sana Farista’s dedication. Even during the pandemic’s obstacles, Dr Sana Farista’s ambition to bring Sashafé to completion was strengthened by the recognition of the necessity for ultra-comfortable luxury for healthcare personnel.

Sashafé creates one-of-a-kind pieces that redefine medical wear. The brand caters to a variety of demands, from jackets that replace men’s aprons to new lab coats. Long aprons for ladies that fit all sizes highlight personality and comfort. We provide maternity scrub pants for expecting doctors. Sashafe also sells adorable jewels, hijab, footwear and socks for overworked feet, and saviour headbands, all of which are designed to provide healthcare personnel with much-needed relief.

Finally, Sashafe’s debut as India’s first designer luxury brand for medical wear represents a watershed moment in the style and healthcare industries. Sashafé illustrates the power of integrating elegance, comfort, and practicality by concentrating on real-life celebrities managing medical issues.

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