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Script Confusion Plagues Tribal Students in ‘Kokborok’ Language Exams

The use of the correct script for the ‘Kokborok’ language exam has become a major concern for tribal students in India. Many students have been left confused and disadvantaged due to conflicting instructions issued by different schools. In some schools, Madhyamik candidates were told to write in Roman script, while H.S. (+2) candidates were asked to use the modified Bengali script. As a result, many students have not been able to perform well in the exams.

The Student Federation of India (SFI) and Tribal Students Union (TSU) have jointly issued a statement strongly objecting to the confusion that has prevailed in exam halls. The statement cites several instances where tribal students were at a loss due to the lack of clarity in the question paper on which script to use. For example, students from the ‘Tiprah Academy English medium school’ of Mohanpur suffered greatly from the script confusion, with H.S. (+2) examinees forced to use the modified Bengali script, while Madhyamik examinees were allowed to use the Roman script.

Similar problems were faced by tribal students in Ampi and Kakrabon higher secondary school, while other schools in the state had fewer issues. The SFI and TSU have demanded an urgent solution to this sensitive issue, which is potentially detrimental to the academic progress of tribal students.

It is crucial for schools to provide clear and consistent instructions on the use of the appropriate script for the ‘Kokborok’ language exams. The confusion caused by conflicting instructions can leave students feeling lost and disadvantaged. An urgent solution to this issue is needed to ensure that tribal students are not left behind and are given the best chance to excel in their exams.

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