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Shirui Village, Manipur, Enacts 3-Year Wildlife Hunting Ban


In a pioneering move towards wildlife conservation, the Shirui village in Ukhrul, Manipur, has initiated a bold decision to enforce a complete ban on hunting animals and birds for the next three years.

The decision to impose the ban was made through a unanimous resolution by the village authorities and community leaders, reflecting their collective commitment to preserving the local ecosystem and protecting wildlife.

Shirui village, known for its rich biodiversity and unique flora and fauna, has been facing the adverse effects of rampant hunting activities. This ban aims to mitigate the threats to the wildlife population in the area and safeguard the delicate ecological balance.

The ban encompasses a strict prohibition on hunting all forms of animals and birds within the village and its surrounding territories. The village council and residents have pledged to actively enforce and monitor compliance with this crucial conservation measure.

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Local authorities and environmentalists have lauded this bold and forward-thinking initiative, acknowledging its significance in promoting biodiversity conservation and ecological harmony in the region.

The village residents have pledged to actively participate in wildlife protection efforts and spread awareness among the local community. This ban is not only a regulatory measure but also a means to instill a sense of responsibility and understanding of the significance of wildlife conservation.

This decision reflects the recognition of the village community’s role in preserving the natural heritage and ensuring a sustainable environment for future generations. The ban is a proactive step towards nurturing and safeguarding the unique wildlife that thrives in Shirui’s pristine surroundings.

This conservation-oriented approach also serves as a beacon of inspiration for neighboring villages and regions, setting an example for collective action in preserving the environment and wildlife.

The implementation of a three-year ban on animal and bird hunting in Shirui village stands as a remarkable testament to the community’s commitment to preserving the natural habitat and fostering coexistence with the diverse wildlife that inhabits the region.

This bold and proactive measure by Shirui village is a shining example of community-driven conservation efforts, demonstrating the pivotal role that local initiatives play in safeguarding wildlife and promoting ecological sustainability.

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