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Shri Karauli Shankar Gurudev Expresses Hope in Surgery to save Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, Extends Support and Prayers

Jaggi Vasudev, widely known as Sadguru of Isha Foundation, has profoundly impacted millions worldwide with his teachings, guiding them on paths of self-discovery and personal growth. However, recent reports of Sadguru’s health challenges have sparked concern among his followers and well-wishers.

In response to this distressing news, Shri Karauli Shankar Mahadev, a revered spiritual figure renowned for his healing prowess, has stepped forward with a ray of hope. Guruji expressed his deep sorrow upon learning of Sadguru’s condition, emphasizing the significance of preserving such a monumental figure for the benefit of humanity.

Sadguru’s ailment, marked by brain swelling, has left medical experts puzzled despite thorough examinations and surgery. Nonetheless, Guruji remains steadfast in his belief that “smriti chikitsa,” an ancient healing practice rooted in spiritual wisdom, can restore Sadguru’s health effortlessly.

Guruji’s conviction in smriti chikitsa’s efficacy arises from his profound connection with the spiritual realm and his ability to channel healing energies. He has been monitoring Sadguru’s condition closely for the past two months, witnessing the challenges he faces and the pressing need for intervention.

Amidst this uncertainty, Sadguru’s followers and admirers are urged to come together in support of his recovery. By embracing smriti chikitsa and participating in the healing rituals conducted in Guruji’s darbar, individuals can contribute to Sadguru’s well-being and ensure his invaluable contributions endure.

The urgency of the situation highlights the importance of collective action and unwavering faith. Every effort must be made to safeguard Sadguru’s health and preserve his legacy for future generations. Let us stand united behind Guruji’s call to action, maintaining our belief in the transformative power of spiritual healing.

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