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Skills Diksha Creating An Impact In Edtech Industry – Empowering Youth via Learning & Earning Platform  

Under its Comprehensive Learning Management System for students aspiring to become financially independent after their studies, housewives wishing to work from home in their spare time, employees frustrated with their 9-5 work schedule, and entrepreneurs wishing to have essential skills to go with the least financial risks, Skills Diksha had conducted Initiation Combo Plus Programme previously. That program got a tremendous response with a 240% growth in signups.

With an ambitious mission of empowering people to become successful, Skills Diksha founded by Himanshu Lohiya with Kapil Sharma (CEO & Co-founder) and Chanchal (CMO & Co-founder) works through its Education, Health, and Entrepreneurship wings. Its powerful courses guide the participants to improve mentally, physically, and financially. With all the best digital skills, Skills Diksha helps them to grow in their career.

Since the lack of proper skills impacts the career, Skill Diksha is an Ed-Tech Platform for the aspirant to skill up with the most essential demanding skills and become a partner for financial independence. The improved skills help the aspirants stay ahead in today’s competitive world with endless growth opportunities for high-paying jobs and business opportunities. The learning advantages include brand building, digital coaching, freelancing, monetization, training, digital presence creation, and running a social media agency.

With Skills Diksha, anyone can tune up Effective Communication, Personality Development, Lead Generation Pro, and work with Instagram through its Live Sessions. Under the Effective Communication Mastery Programme, the participants learn the Importance Of Effective Communication, Elements Of Effective Communication, Process Of Communication, Verbal And Non-Verbal Communication, Public Speaking Body Language, Confidence Building Magical Words For Effective Communication Interview, Skills Positive First Impression, Influence Techniques, How to Talk to Strangers, Art of Listening, and Communication Hacks.

The Advance Personality Development highlights Elements of Personality Development, Elements of Perfect Body Language, Grooming Positive Attitude, Boost Self-Confidence, Remove Self-Doubt, Etiquette Influence Techniques Magnetic, Personality First impression, Dressing Sense, Essential Points of Personality Development, and Influential Personality hack.

Instagram Mastery provides guidance in Profile optimization, Business profile building & advantages, Hashtag Secrets, Content Strategy, Growth tools, IG funnels, IG stories, Viral reel formula Instagram Ads, Instagram insights, Hacking Instagram algorithms, how to convert leads on Instagram, Multiple accounts, How to click perfect pics for Instagram, and How to make your post go viral.

Skills Diksha’s Lead Generation Pro guides in Fundamentals of Lead Generation, Lead generation funnel, Elements of lead generation, WhatsApp funnel, Organic and Inorganic Lead Generation, Content Marketing, Google Ads, Meta Ads, Lead Nurturing, Email, and WhatsApp marketing.

Skills Diksha conducts Live Sessions on Personal branding, Influence marketing, Canva editing, Sales funnel building, Leadership Development, Boost the Social Media Campaign, Art of follow-up & closing Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads Reels, and sessions on Effective presenters, Mindfulness, Growth Mindset, Professional Development Plan, Financial Education, and Self-development series.

There are many more system advantages like generating Passive Income, Brand Collaboration, Bonuses & Funds for Travel to partners of Skills Diksha! Grab its combo plan to achieve extra bonuses if joining today. For uninterrupted learning, aspirants can download its powerful app.

Together with the pre-launch offer of “Initiation Combo Lite”, Skills Diksha announces to launch iOS version of the mobile App on 26th Jan 2023. For more details, Kindly visit its website

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