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Spiritual Varanasi in Bharat Gaurav Train – Punya Kshetra Yatra

‘The oldest city of the world’, ‘the religious capital of India’, ‘the city of lights’ call it by any name but you would be connecting to One- Gangadhar (Keeper of Ganga, name used for Lord Shiva) as Vishwanath (Lord of the World) in Varanasi. The city is the paramount worship place for Hindus to carve a way to salvation starting with the darshan of Vishwanath Temple. The Vishwanath Temple was visited by the Bharat Gaurav pilgrims in early morning. After visiting the Vishwanath temple passengers were taken to Sarnath where they had their lunch and hotel check-in. The famous food and travel blogger Rajdeep Bhattacharjee from Kolkata was present there and really appreciated the efforts made by IRCTC officials present on the tour.  After Varanasi, Bharat Gaurav Train will go through Ayodhya and Prayagraj before returning to Secunderabad.

The Ministry of Indian Railways launched the Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train, or “Punya Kshetra Yatra,” in an effort to promote religious travel. The contemporary train will leave from Secunderabad and travel through significant locations connected to Lord Shri Rama’s life. The scheduled religious excursion would be conducted aboard the latest Bharat Gaurav tourist train. Under the Bharat Gaurav Train plan, Indian Railways is offering a 33% concession for the promotion of rail tourism. The “Punya Kshetra Yatra: Puri, Kasi, and Ayodhya” provides travellers with the chance to visit multiple historical and holy sites simultaneously.

The Punya Kshetra Yatra package includes visits to several historical sites along the route. Among the many highlights are the Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri, the Sun Temple in Konark, the Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi, and the evening aarti by the Sarayu River in Ayodhya. The journey lasts eight nights and nine days. The Bharat Gaurav train offers three types of accommodations: sleeper, third-AC class, and second-AC class. Each coach has an infotainment system as well as enhanced security features such as CCTV cameras. There will also be a modern pantry car where freshly prepared meals will be served onboard; the menu will include a variety of pure veg regional Indian cuisines in the form of preset meals.

Bharat Gaurav Train – Punya Kshetra Yatra package includes the cost of train journey, all meals (pure vegetarian only), excursions by buses, stay at hotels, tour guides, meals along with all allied onboard services. Local monument entry charges are not included in the package. The ‘Punya Kshetra Yatra : Puri – Kasi – Ayodhya’ offers an opportunity for rail passengers intending to visit several historical and pilgrimage places in one go. The minimum Economy package starts at INR 15,300/- for single sharing in sleeper class and goes up to INR 31,510 for single occupancy in AC 2 cabin. You can also book these packages through EMIs if you don’t want to pay the full amount upfront.

The spiritual Varanasi circuit of the Bharat Gaurav Train – Punya Kshetra Yatra has recently been finished. The third stop for the 700 pilgrims was Varanasi, where they arrived at 5:30am after boarding at Gaya. After that, the travellers are driven to various hotels in Sarnath for a single night’s stay (which include buffet lunch, buffet dinner and buffet breakfast for next day). After lunch, the pilgrims went to the Sarnath sightseeing at their own leisure and paid tribute to Lord Buddha, wishing for the happiness and prosperity.

India, one of the world’s major spiritual hubs, is home to numerous shrines and other places of worship that have attracted the attention of people all over the world. Many devotees visit the sacred towns every year in search of inner calm. People can find their spiritual self in this location thanks to the calm surroundings and sacred religious places. Those who desire to visit these sacred cities can get in touch with IRCTC and take advantage of the recently launched Bharat Gaurav Train – Punya Kshetra Yatra. Indian Railways’ plans for tourist trains are set to make your journeys around the country as exciting as the destinations you’re travelling to. Known as Bharat Gaurav trains, they are set across diverse circuits and the train packages include your stay as well as off-board excursions, meals and guided tours. The exterior of these trains showcases popular Indian monuments, sculptures, landmarks, and dance forms which are an integral part of the country’s pride.

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