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Spodenet is E-learning platform &
Affiliate program company

Friends, today we are going to do an honest review of company. In which you are going to get complete information and from here you are going to get answers to all your questions, so stay with us till the end of this article.

Company name – Spodenet
Founder &CEO – Aditya choudhary
Office – mangalam mall,Vivek vihar, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Area Served – India
Founded – 1 January 2022
Government certificate – MSME , ISO CERTIFIED GST APPROVED
Current Status – Active
Industry – Edtech
Affiliate commission – 90%

Spodenet Courses:-

There are many courses available in Spodenet’s Skills & Development. In which every person has interest and need. As if I tell you that if a person’s art of conversation is not good then can he be successful in his job, society, relationship and business? Although you know the answer to this that without the art of conversation no one can be successful. Keeping in view of many such problems, such courses have been made for you, so that both your knowledge and skills can grow.

Looking at the change of time, people need to learn digital marketing and social media marketing. Because if someone has full knowledge of these digital things, then he can make a good income as well as a medium of employment throughout his life. Spodenet provides you all these skills.

1.Communication skills
2.Social media marketing
3.Digital marketing
4.English spoken mastery
5.Business automation
6.Affiliate marketing mastery
7.Instagram growth
8.Facebook marketing
9.Public speaking
10.Video editing
11.Website designing

  1. YouTube Zero To Hero
  2. LinkedIn marketing
  3. Video super star
  4. Much more

Spodenet Affiliate Income:-

Most of the people who start online business start earning their first income from the first week itself. This claim belongs to Spodenet company. In which he has claimed this after the results of many people.

If follow the system attend regular training today then every person can earn good profit from here. And you can fulfill your dreams. Students, housewives and working people can also do this work in part time. If a person does this work honestly for 2 to 3 hours a day, then he can earn 25 to ₹ 30000 every month. The more the knowledge of this work increases, the more the income graph will go up. Spodenet company does 90% commission distribution on each referral / promotion.

In which if you do any promotion directly then you get 75% commission and if someone from your team does promotion then you get 15% commission. If you understand from the example of Silver package, you get ₹ 1500 on every direct promotion, and you get ₹ 300 on the promotion of your team. This means on the promotion of 2000, there is a chance to earn 1800 rupees profit. Spode Net is the only company which gives you such good profits.

Why spodenet

Skills and Devlopment course

Personal Mentorship

Hand holding support

90% comission distribution

Weekly Payout in bank account

Free trips and Travel

Bonus & Rewards

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