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Successful Drug Bust by Karimganj Police Unveils Narcotics Trafficking Operation

In a significant breakthrough, the Karimganj police, acting on a tip-off from the superintendent of police, executed a successful operation leading to the seizure of drugs worth crores of rupees in their ongoing battle against narcotics trafficking. The operation, which unfolded in the vicinity of the bypass, resulted in the apprehension of two alleged traffickers.

The operation commenced when the Karimganj police, under the leadership of the superintendent of police, intercepted a car bearing registration number AS/11/D/8655. A meticulous search of the vehicle uncovered a stash of nine thousand Yaba tablets, a widely illicitly traded narcotic substance.

The arrested individuals, identified as Kumarjit Deb and Dhiman Bhattacharya, both residents of Silchar, reportedly traveled to Karimganj with the intention of selling the seized tablets. The estimated market value of the confiscated Yaba tablets is an astonishing Rs 1 crore, underscoring the magnitude of the illicit drug trade that law enforcement is working tirelessly to combat.

The successful apprehension of the alleged traffickers highlights the effectiveness of intelligence-led policing in curbing the menace of narcotics trafficking. The superintendent of police, whose timely tip-off played a pivotal role in the operation, praised the collaborative efforts of the police force and emphasized the commitment to eliminating the drug trade’s nefarious influence on society.

This operation serves as a stern warning to those involved in the illegal drug trade, signaling the unwavering determination of law enforcement agencies to dismantle such criminal networks. The Karimganj police’s dedication to the ongoing battle against narcotics trafficking reflects their commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

As legal proceedings against Kumarjit Deb and Dhiman Bhattacharya unfold, the seizure of these Yaba tablets stands as a tangible victory in the relentless fight against the illicit drug trade, sending a strong message that law enforcement remains vigilant and resolute in upholding the rule of law.

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