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Supreme Court Contempt Notice: Assam MLA’s Misleading Social Media Post

The Supreme Court of India has taken a strong stance against the misuse of social media platforms to mislead the public and interfere with judicial processes. Assam legislator Karim Uddin Barbhuiya has been served a contempt notice for his misleading Facebook post regarding his ongoing case.

Barbhuiya’s Facebook post falsely asserted a favorable judgment from the Supreme Court, even though the verdict was still pending. This deliberate misrepresentation of facts has raised serious concerns within the judicial system.

The Supreme Court emphasized the gravity of comments that undermine the authority and integrity of the judiciary. While the court acknowledges the right to criticize its decisions, distorting facts under the guise of freedom of speech is deemed unacceptable.

The bench expressed dismay at the growing trend of using social media to manipulate public opinion and prejudice legal proceedings. It reiterated the importance of preserving the sanctity of court proceedings and ensuring fair and impartial justice.

Barbhuiya’s attempt to interfere with the court’s proceedings has not gone unnoticed. The Supreme Court has summoned him to appear personally and has involved the Attorney General of India in the matter, signaling the seriousness of the offense.

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