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Tepania Eco-Park Becomes Adventure Spot for Tourists in Tripura

Agartala (Tripura):  Far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in nature, Tripura’s log huts attract many tourists which are worth a visit. Situated in the wake of Mother Nature, approximately 47 km from the state capital, Agartala, the log huts were built by the TTDCL.

Seeing the response of tourists, the TTDCL (Tripura Tourism Development Corporation) has set up similar log huts in the reserve forest of Sipahijala and Baramura Eco-Park. A total of 38 log shacks are to be installed throughout the state and the state government with a loan of Rs 500 crores from the Asian Development Bank is trying to transform Tripura into a tourist hub in the region by developing tourism infrastructure in the state beside introducing various new forms of tourism including – religious tourism, health tourism, tea tourism, and adventure tourism.

The huts blend into the natural atmosphere, but at the same time, these huts are also fully equipped with all modern facilities.

 After months of lockdowns, these wooden huts are now open to visitors. The tourists coming to stay can order their most selected foods from their accommodation or they can also have dinner at restaurants. Just days after the huts opened at the beginning of the year, they were forced to close due to the COVID-19  pandemic but now after more than six months the doors of the log huts are again open and already tourists have been visiting the eco-park to experience the peaceful life there.

“This place is filled with natural beauty, staying in the log huts, closed to nature after the coronavirus lockdown is quite amazing and I believe this place has huge potential for tourists to come and explore,” said a tourist.

“To get out after the lockdown due to the coronavirus, it’s a very safe place away from urban life, I’m very pleased to come here,” said another tourist.

Most visitors come here in the afternoon to enjoy the evening here with their family and friends. After the reopening on 1 October, the park received a good reply, said its manager Arup Paul. In addition to staying in the log huts, the early hours walk in the middle of the wooden path through the green canopy and bamboo forests is nothing more than a dreamlike experience, said a tourist.

 Tripura’s Minister of Tourism, Pranajit Singha Roy, said: The state government has developed a number of locations for adventure tourism.

Tripura will soon become a tourist destination; it will increase state revenues and also provide employment for many unemployed young people. We have many tourism development projects underway.”

 The development of tourism infrastructure and services will strengthen the rural economy and create jobs, stimulating economic growth and development in Tripura, added the Minister.

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