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The Language “Kokborok” Striving For Recognition Under 8th Schedule

There is currently a demand for giving the language recognition as one of the recognised official languages of India as per the 8th schedule of the Constitution. 

The Kokborok is a language of Borok people who are geographically known as Tripuris.

19th January, 2022 has marked the observance of the 44th Kokborok Day (Kokborok Day is a festival celebrated in the Indian state of Tripura to celebrate the development of the Kokborok language). The Kokborok language, the official language of Tripura, is also known as Tripuri or Tiprakok. It is one of the state languages of Tripura notified on January 19, 1979.

Kokborok is the main native language of the Tripuri people of the Indian state of Tripura and neighbouring areas of Bangladesh. Its name comes from kok meaning “verbal” and borok meaning “people” or “human” and is one of the ancient languages of Northeast India.

Kokborok has been attested since the 1st century AD(as per information), when the historical record of Tripuri kings began to be written down. The script of Kokborok was called “Koloma”.

Kokborok was declared an official language of the state of Tripura, India by the state government in the year 1979.

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