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There is a Deep Conspiracy to Cancel Rahul Gandhi’s MP path: Pradesh Congress

BJP canceled Rahul Gandhi’s parliamentary post with a strong conspiracy And has unleashed terror on the opposition since the election results in the state of Tripura. In protest against this, a meeting of the executive committee was held at the Pradesh Congress Bhavan on Sunday. It was decided in the meeting that satyagraha and non-violence program will be organized in Agartala on April 8 This yatra will be held from the Congress building Congress President Birjit Sinha said this after a press conference held at the Pradesh Congress Bhavan on Sunday afternoon.

He said that an extended meeting will be held on April 16 against terrorism Besides, satyagraha and non-violence programs will be organized in every district Congress programs will be held on April 17 at Kailashahar district headquarters, April 20 in Agartala city and April 23 in Udaipur.

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