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Thief Arrested in by the People of Chailengta

Handcuffed hands of arrested criminal man in black shirt and handcuffs

A thief was finally caught after running away for a long time. The thief was identified and arrested after seeing the CCTV footage. The incident is in Chailengta After a long time, the people of Chailengta area were able to arrest the thief.

The arrested thief’s name is Bikash Ravi Das. It is known that theft has been going on for a long time in Tilakpara village of Chailengta area But he could not catch the thief Photo of the thief caught in the CCTV camera of a house From that day the villagers started looking for that thief Today, the people of the area caught him as soon as he came to Chailengta.

After arresting him and informing the police, the police came and took the thief to the police station The police have taken a case against him and are continuing the investigation into the incident. A demand has been made by the local residents to the police to ensure security in the area.

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