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Three arrested in Attack on Parliamentary Team in NC Nagar, Vishalgarh

Vishalgarh police have finally arrested three people in connection with the attack on the parliamentary delegation of Congress and Left Front in Nehal Chandra Nagar of Vishalgarh. A case has been accepted against them under certain sections It is noted that after the assembly elections, the 8-member Congress and Left Front parliamentary delegation came to the state to visit the areas where terrorist activities are taking place in different parts of the state. A parliamentary delegation visited Vishalgarh’s Nehal Chandra Nagar market on Friday and was attacked when it tried to talk to fire-affected traders.

CPM Congress leadership and workers-supporters affected by election terror after declaration of election results in the state. The Left Congress parliamentary party came to the state on Friday to review the situation arising out of this terror.

Top leaders of Left Congress were also in this delegation. A delegation of 8 members of the opposition party visited the affected areas after the enumeration On March 8, miscreants set fire to the shops of traders in Nehal Chandranagar Bazar of Vishalgarh.

On Friday evening, Left and Congress parliamentary teams visited the victims of political violence in various parts of the state Similarly, the parliamentary team of the Left Congress party rushed to Nehal Chandranagar market There, a group of miscreants attacked them in front of the police In this incident, the police of Vishalgarh police station arrested 3 miscreants in the early hours of Saturday They are Nakul Sutradhar, Swapan Das, Nitai Das On this day they were handed over to the court.

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