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Tipra Motha Chief Pradyot Kishore Meets Home Minister Amit Shah, Interlocutor to Arrive in Tripura on May 12th

Pradyot Kishore, the leader of Tipra Motha, met with Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi yesterday. He shared through his social media that the discussion with Shah had been positive and that an interlocutor would be coming to Tripura on May 12th. According to Kishore, this news is good for the tribal people of Tripura.

This meeting comes after Kishore’s return to the state following a long vacation. Upon arrival at MBB airport, he announced that the interlocutor would arrive on May 8th. However, he later claimed that due to the unrest in Manipur, the arrival of the interlocutor to the state would be delayed by a few days.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister of Tripura, Dr. Manik Saha, stated that he knew nothing about the interlocutor issue and that he had not been informed by the central government about the matter.

Kishore’s visit to Delhi to meet with the Home Minister was apparently fruitful, as he shared on social media that an interlocutor would be arriving in Tripura on May 12th. He also expressed his optimism about the positive impact that this would have on the tribal communities in the state.

It remains to be seen what the interlocutor’s role will be and how they will engage with the various stakeholders in Tripura, including the government, tribal communities, and other stakeholders. However, the announcement of the interlocutor’s impending arrival is a positive step towards addressing the longstanding issues faced by the tribal communities in Tripura.

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