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Tipra Motha Party 12-Hour Strike Ends on Positive Note Despite Hatai Kotor Incident

Tipra Motha Party (TMP) successfully concluded their 12-hour strike across the Autonomous District Council (ADC) areas of Tripura, advocating for the establishment of Greater Tipraland and a constitutional solution for the Tiprasa community’s existence in the state.

The strike, which saw the participation of numerous Tiprasa community members and TMP supporters, including MLAs, Executive Members, and Members of District Councils, resulted in the temporary halt of train services and the blockage of key roads. The peaceful strike aimed to draw attention to the pressing need to safeguard the future survival of the Tiprasa community within Tripura.

However, the conclusion of the strike was marred by an unfortunate incident in Hatai Kotor, where two handmade improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were discovered. One of the devices detonated, but the other remains unexploded, adding to the already tense situation in the area. Authorities are currently investigating the incident, ensuring the safety of the affected community.

Despite this isolated incident, the majority of the strike concluded without any major disruptions, sending a positive message to the central government regarding the pressing concerns of the Tiprasa community.

The TMP’s call for Greater Tipraland and a constitutional solution is a reflection of the community’s aspirations for a secure and prosperous future. It is hoped that the central government will take note of the peaceful culmination of the strike as an opportunity to engage in constructive dialogue to address the concerns of the Tiprasa community.

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