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“Tipra Motha” Party Granted State Party Status by Election Commission of India

The “Tipra Motha” party, which recently won 13 seats in the February 2023 legislative assembly elections in Tripura, has been granted recognition as a state party by the Election Commission of India (ECI). The party had earlier captured power in the Autonomous District Council (ADC) during the April 2021 elections. This recognition from the ECI is a significant milestone for the young party, which was formed by Pradyot Kishore in early 2021.

Jaydeb Lahiri, the secretary to the ECI, issued a notification confirming that the “Tipra Motha” party has fulfilled the necessary conditions for recognition as a state party in Tripura. According to Lahiri, the party’s performance in the general election to the legislative assembly of Tripura 2023 has satisfied the conditions laid down in Para 6-A of the election symbols (reservation and allotment) order 1968.

The ECI has granted recognition to the “Tipra Motha” party as a state party in Tripura under the provisions of relevant rules of the Representation of the People Act. The party has been advised to select a symbol preference from the free symbol list available on the ECI’s website or propose three new symbols with drawing and design for consideration.

The “Tipra Motha” party’s recent success in the assembly polls, where it won thirteen of the state’s twenty tribal reserve seats, has highlighted the party’s growing popularity in Tripura. The party’s commitment to the welfare of the tribal communities in the state has resonated with the people, resulting in a significant increase in its vote share.

The recognition from the ECI will give the “Tipra Motha” party greater visibility and resources to continue its mission of serving the people of Tripura. The party’s rise to prominence in a short span of time is a testament to its leaders’ dedication and the people’s faith in their vision for the state.

“Tipra Motha” party’s recognition as a state party is a significant achievement that will enable it to consolidate its position in Tripura’s political landscape. The party’s rapid growth and success in the assembly polls are a clear indication that it has struck a chord with the people of Tripura.

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