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Tito’s Urges TTAADC to Safeguard the Rights of Khasi and Pnar People

In a recent statement, Tito’s, a prominent Khasi organization, called upon the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) to take necessary steps to ensure the protection of the rights of Khasi and Pnar people residing in the council’s jurisdiction.

The organization highlighted the growing concerns regarding the infringement of the rights of indigenous people in the area, particularly in the areas of land ownership and cultural identity. They emphasized that the TTAADC has a crucial role to play in protecting the interests of the Khasi and Pnar communities.

Tito’s also urged the council to take measures to address the issue of encroachment on tribal land, which has led to displacement and loss of livelihood for many indigenous families. They called upon the TTAADC to enforce stricter regulations to prevent further encroachment and to take legal action against those who have already occupied tribal land.

Furthermore, Tito’s stressed the need for the TTAADC to prioritize the preservation of Khasi and Pnar cultural heritage and traditions. They emphasized that the council must ensure that the customs and practices of the indigenous communities are respected and preserved for future generations.

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