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Traffic Police Took Initiative to Resolve Traffic Jam Issues in GB Market Area

A long meeting was held on Monday with Traffic SP, AMC North Zone Chairman Pradeep Chand, Mayor-in-Council member Hiralal Debnath, Shampa Sen, businessmen and representatives of the syndicate to take over the illegal road including parking in the GB area under the North Zone.

Illegally encroachment of roads in GB area for days, vehicle parking and illegal business problems are created. Due to which everyone had to face problems Finally, Pur Nigam’s North Zone took action against this illegal parking and street trading Arrangements are being made to arrange them at alternative places. A meeting was held on that day AMC North Zone Chairman Pradeep Chand said that Pur Nigam is taking measures to keep Agartala city litter free and against encroachment of roads and dumping of construction materials.

An initiative has been taken to beautify the GB area by removing illegally parked cars and shops at the entrance of GB Hospital. AMC North Zone Chairman Pradeep Chand said that such initiative has been taken mainly for the convenience of movement.

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