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Tripura: 30% of the total cancer cases comprise oral cancer

As per chief minister Dr Manik Saha, as much as 30 per cent of the total cancer cases reported in Tripura in recent times consists of oral cancer.

According to Tripura CM Dr Manik Saha, this is a threatening situation as the main cause behind the rise in oral cancer is the use of Tobacco commodities.” We have to be more specific in our approach. More and more awareness campaigns should be carried out across the state to make people quit such unhealthy practices,” the Tripura CM said.

The Tripura chief minister was addressing the official launching program of the Mukhyamantri Cancer o Oshonakramok Rog Sanaktakaran o Lokasachetanata Abhijan (MuCEBLA).

The scheme that was launched on Friday shall go on for the next four months and intensive hustles will be initiated for the identification and screening of people.
Tripura CM Dr Manik Saha also recommended to the people not to wait for the disease to disperse all over the body.

“Whenever there is any symptom go consult a doctor. We see an enormous propensity among people to wait till the minor symptoms take a turn of sickness,” the Tripura CM said

Tripura chief secretary JK Sinha said, “The doctors have been working wholeheartedly in service of mankind. We have experienced the importance of their role in society during the pandemic.”

Director of National Health Mission (NHM) Tripura Subhashish Das said, “Under this special drive, around 2 lakh people would be screened for cancer and various non-communicable diseases. The scheme will start from October 15 next and it will continue till February 14, 2023.”

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