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Tripura: Agartala Municipal Corporation Cracks Down on Unauthorized Constructions

Agartala Municipal Corporation task force conducted a series of targeted operations, demolishing numerous unauthorized shops in Agartala city last night. This move comes in the wake of a similar action two days ago, where 58 shops, along with 25 illegal houses and their unapproved balconies in the GB Bazar and Nandannagar areas, were razed to the ground. Mayor Dipak Majumdar and AMC Commissioner Shailesh Yadav personally oversaw the raids at various locations in the capital.

However, the recurrence of unauthorized establishments in previously cleared areas has raised questions about the long-term effectiveness of these evacuation operations. It appears that some shopkeepers have resumed their operations in the same locations, necessitating a second round of enforcement.

Addressing the issue, the mayor of Pur Nigam stated that registered street vendors holding licenses from the Nigam are entitled to operate within the bounds of the law. Conversely, those lacking the necessary permits will not be permitted to set up shop on footpaths or sidewalks adjacent to roads.

Furthermore, Mayor Dipak Majumdar emphasized that erecting Puja mandaps and gate lighting without official authorization will not be tolerated, particularly if it encroaches upon public thoroughfares.

The Agartala Municipal Corporation’s resolute stance against unauthorized constructions underscores its commitment to preserving the integrity and accessibility of public spaces. These measures seek to strike a balance between urban development and the rights of legitimate street vendors, ensuring that the city thrives in an organized and regulated manner.

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