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Tripura: Ban Imposed on Video Filming at Tripurasundari Temple

The district administration in Tripura has implemented a decisive measure, prohibiting the recording of videos and reels, particularly those featuring songs, at the Mata Tripurasundari Temple in Agartala.

This action comes as a response to the uproar sparked by a viral video reel showcasing a woman dancing within the temple premises.

In an official decree issued by Gomati District Magistrate Tarit Kanti Chakma, it is explicitly stated that any form of improper photography or videography of the idol of Shree Shree Mata Tripurasundari, along with the creation of videos or reels containing disrespectful songs or dances within the temple premises, is strictly prohibited.

The order underscores the significance of respecting religious sentiments and beliefs and prohibiting the dissemination of such content on media or social platforms.

Stringent actions will be taken against violators under existing criminal laws, as emphasized in the order. The severity of consequences serves as a deterrent to prevent any breaches of the prohibition.

All individuals are urged to adhere to the guidelines outlined in the order, ensuring the preservation of the sanctity and reverence of the Mata Tripurasundari Temple.

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