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Tripura Board Announces Class 10 and 12 Results with High Pass Rates

Tripura Board

The Tripura Board of Secondary Education (TBSE) has declared the results for the Madhyamik (Class 10) and Higher Secondary (Class 12) examinations. This year’s results highlight the academic achievements of students across the state, showcasing their hard work and dedication.

The announcement, made on the TBSE’s official website, has brought much relief and joy to thousands of students and their families. The pass rates for both Class 10 and Class 12 have shown a significant improvement compared to previous years. This improvement reflects the effective measures and efforts put in by the board and the schools to enhance the quality of education despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the Madhyamik examination, the pass rate reached an impressive 82%, with a notable number of students achieving distinction and first division. The Higher Secondary results were equally commendable, with a pass rate of 79%. These results underscore the resilience and perseverance of Tripura’s students in overcoming academic challenges.

Students who performed exceptionally well have expressed their gratitude to their teachers and parents for their unwavering support. Many top performers plan to pursue further studies in prestigious institutions, both within and outside the state. Their success stories serve as an inspiration for younger students, encouraging them to strive for excellence in their academic endeavors.

TBSE officials have praised the dedication and hard work of students and teachers. They highlighted the board’s commitment to providing quality education and ensuring a fair and transparent examination process. The officials also mentioned the various initiatives undertaken by the board to support students during their preparation, such as online classes, additional study materials, and counseling sessions.

Parents and educators across the state have welcomed the results, acknowledging the collective efforts that have contributed to this year’s success. The state government has reiterated its commitment to further improving the education system and supporting students in their academic journeys.

As students celebrate their achievements, the Tripura Board of Secondary Education continues to emphasize the importance of consistent effort and the pursuit of knowledge. The board’s focus remains on creating an environment that nurtures academic growth and prepares students for future challenges.

The release of the Class 10 and Class 12 results marks a significant milestone for students in Tripura. With these results, students are now ready to take the next steps in their educational and professional careers, equipped with the knowledge and confidence to achieve their goals.

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