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Tripura CM and BJP Leaders Watch ‘Kerala Story’ in Multiplex, Praise its Depiction of Threat to Non-Muslim Girls

The chief minister of an Indian state, Dr. Manik Saha, recently watched the movie ‘Kerala Story’ with other ministers and BJP MLAs. The film, produced by Bipual Amritlal Shah and directed by Sudipto Sen, has been making waves in the country due to its portrayal of the threat posed by fundamentalist organizations to Hindu and non-Muslim girls. Dr. Saha urged all Indians to watch the movie to gain valuable knowledge and information.

Despite being banned by secular liberal and pro-Muslim fundamentalist governments in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, the movie has earned Rs 93.37 crores at the box office. The supreme court has sought an explanation from these governments for the ban, as the film is being shown peacefully across the country.

Based on facts and extensive research, ‘Kerala Story’ depicts the persecution of non-Muslim girls, especially Hindus, who fall prey to deceptive play-acting of love and proposal for marriage by Muslim young sympathizers of fundamentalist terrorist organizations like ISIS, Al Qaeda, and others. Once the innocent girls succumb to enticements, they are converted, married, and transported to terrorist mine-fields of Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria to be used as sex slaves.

The film shows the story of only four such girls, but research suggests that the actual number is more than thirty-two thousand. However, the so-called Secular Left Liberal (SLL) brigade, known for working against national and Hindu interests, cannot digest the truth despite clearance given by the supreme court and Kerala high court.

Former Kerala chief ministers, V.S.Achyutanandan (CPI (M) and OOmmen Chandy (Congress), have been vocal against the ill-concealed and notorious ‘love jihad,’ while the Kerala high court itself passed an order in 2009 observing how deceptive and fiendish ‘love Jihad’ was a cold-blooded conspiracy designed to change Kerala’s demographic profile. But the SLL brigade led by Bengal’s Begum Saheba and south’s Md Stalin remains more attached to RDX votes than truth, reality, and constitutional rights.

The film has received critical acclaim for its artistic quality, and the chief minister expressed his aesthetic satisfaction with it. The film’s modest budget of only Rs 15-20 crores is a testament to the skill of the filmmakers, who have managed to create a powerful and thought-provoking movie despite limited resources.

Kerala Story’ is a must-watch for all Indians who want to understand the threat posed by fundamentalist organizations to Hindu and non-Muslim girls. The film’s success despite bans and opposition from the SLL brigade is a testament to its power and importance.

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