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Tripura Government Launches Affordable Fish Sales Center for Jamai Shashti

Initiatives for Fishery production in Tripura

On the auspicious occasion of Jamai Shashti, Sudhanshu Das, the Minister of Fisheries in Tripura, inaugurated a fish sales center in Maharajganj market under the Tripura Apex Fisheries Cooperative Society Limited. The initiative aims to provide various fish varieties at affordable prices, ensuring that people from all walks of life can enjoy the festivities without the burden of high expenses.

  1. Introduction of the Fish Sales Center:

The fish sales center was officially inaugurated, offering an array of fish at significantly reduced prices. Minister Sudhanshu Das emphasized that the initiative would benefit common people by providing them with an opportunity to purchase fish at affordable rates.

  1. Reasoning Behind the Initiative:

During Jamai Shashti, the prices of fish tend to rise in the market, making it challenging for people from all socio-economic backgrounds to afford them. Recognizing this issue, the Tripura government took the initiative to establish the fish sales center in Maharajganj market under the Tripura Apex Fisheries Cooperative Society Limited. This endeavor aims to make fish accessible to everyone at lower prices.

  1. Government’s Efforts:

The government of Tripura has consistently endeavored to make fish available at affordable prices across various parts of the state. This initiative is in line with their ongoing efforts to ensure that essential commodities, including fish, remain accessible to the general public.

  1. Fish Varieties and Prices:

At the newly opened fish sales center, customers can find Katla fish weighing 25 kg. Additionally, Katla fish weighing 10 to 15 kg will be available at Tk 350 per kg. Moreover, hilsa fish, a popular delicacy, can be purchased at the rate of Tk 1200 per kg. These affordable prices are expected to bring joy and satisfaction to the common people of Tripura during the festive occasion.

  1. Positive Impact on the Community:

Sudhanshu Das expressed his optimism regarding the impact of this initiative on the general public. By providing fish at affordable prices, the Tripura government aims to ensure that everyone can partake in the festivities without financial constraints. This step is expected to bring happiness and relief to the people of Tripura.

  1. Government’s Commitment to Welfare:

The establishment of the fish sales center reflects the Tripura government’s commitment to the welfare of its citizens. By taking proactive measures to make essential commodities accessible, they are addressing the needs of the people and fostering a sense of inclusivity and equality.

The launch of the fish sales center in Maharajganj market under the Tripura Apex Fisheries Cooperative Society Limited marks a significant step towards providing affordable fish to the people of Tripura, particularly during the festive occasion of Jamai Shashti. The initiative showcases the government’s dedication to ensuring the well-being and happiness of its citizens, allowing everyone to participate in the festivities without financial burdens. With affordable prices and a diverse range of fish varieties available, this endeavor is expected to bring joy to the common people of Tripura.

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