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Tripura Government Plans Drug Addiction Centers in Every District

In response to the growing concern about drug addiction, Tripura’s Minister of Social Welfare and Social Education, Tinku Roy, announced the state government’s contemplation of establishing drug addiction treatment facilities in each district. This initiative aims to address the escalating challenges posed by drug abuse in the region.

Legislative Assembly Insights

The announcement was made during a session of the Tripura Legislative Assembly on Tuesday, responding to queries from MLAs Mina Rani Sarkar and Jadab Lal Nath. Minister Tinku Roy underscored the government’s dedication to tackling the issue of drug addiction.

Approved Treatment Facility

Minister Roy highlighted that the Government of India has already granted approval for a drug addiction treatment center at the Modern Psychiatric Hospital in Narsinghgarh. This decision followed a proposal from the Tripura Health Department. Currently, the state offers drug addiction treatment services from the existing center in Agartala.

Expanding Coverage

Recognizing the necessity for broader coverage, the Health Department is taking the lead in establishing a comprehensive ‘Integrated Rehabilitation Center for Addicts.’ This center, with a capacity of 200 beds, is set to be located in Sepahijala District. Additionally, a drug de-addiction center in the Tripura Tribal Autonomous District Council is nearing operationalization.

Future Proposals

In a proactive approach, the Tripura government has submitted proposals for approval to the Government of India to establish two more drug de-addiction centers in South Tripura and Gomati districts. These proposals align with the state’s commitment to offering widespread assistance for individuals struggling with drug addiction.

Holistic Rehabilitation

Minister Tinku Roy expressed confidence in the positive impact these initiatives will have on individuals dealing with drug addiction. Emphasizing a holistic approach to rehabilitation and social welfare, the government envisions these centers as vital components in the fight against drug abuse.

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