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Tripura Legislative Assembly to Go Digital with National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA)

The Tripura Legislative Assembly is set to undergo a groundbreaking transformation as it becomes the first assembly in the state to be fully digitized. The digitization process will commence during the upcoming budget session in June. This significant development is part of the National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA) project, an e-governance initiative under the Digital India Mission. The project aims to establish paperless and digitized ecosystems in legislatures across all states and union territories in India.

An anonymous higher official revealed to the media that the digitalization of assembly proceedings will commence with the budget session of the Tripura Legislative Assembly. Initially, the elected members of the legislative assembly (MLAs) will undergo training on the paperless features of the assembly session. The digitization process will be implemented gradually, with plans underway to digitize the voting procedure. Election and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ratan Lal Nath visited the premises of the Tripura Legislative Assembly to familiarize himself with the new digital business procedures.

Minister Nath shared the initiative on social media, stating that the “Paperless Vidhan Sabha” is being implemented through the National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA) in the Tripura Legislative Assembly. The application enables paper-free work by providing comprehensive information such as member contact details, rules of procedure, list of business, notices, bulletins, starred/unstarred questions and answers, papers laid, and committee reports on individual handheld devices such as touchscreen personal computers (PCs), e-books, or tablets.

The digitization of the Tripura Legislative Assembly signifies a significant step towards streamlining legislative processes and embracing digital governance. By utilizing the NeVA application, MLAs will have convenient access to essential information and documents, eliminating the need for physical paperwork. This transition to a paperless assembly not only promotes efficient and sustainable practices but also aligns with the broader Digital India initiative.

The NeVA project, aptly named “One Nation One Application,” seeks to revolutionize legislative assemblies throughout the country by leveraging technology. By creating a digital ecosystem, the project aims to enhance transparency, accessibility, and efficiency in the functioning of legislatures. NeVA will provide a centralized platform for legislators to access important resources and streamline administrative tasks, leading to smoother and more effective decision-making processes.

The implementation of NeVA in the Tripura Legislative Assembly demonstrates the state’s commitment to embracing digital transformation and leveraging technology for efficient governance. By digitizing assembly proceedings, Tripura is set to join the ranks of other forward-thinking states in revolutionizing legislative practices. The adoption of a paperless approach will not only reduce reliance on physical documents but also minimize costs, save time, and enable faster information sharing among MLAs.

In addition to the numerous benefits for legislators, digitization will also enhance public engagement and participation. With the availability of assembly proceedings in digital format, citizens will have easier access to information about their elected representatives’ work, debates, decisions, and policies. This transparency strengthens the democratic process and fosters an informed and engaged citizenry.

The introduction of digital technology in the Tripura Legislative Assembly is a significant milestone that aligns with the larger vision of creating a digitally empowered society. As technology continues to evolve and play a central role in governance, the digitization of legislative assemblies sets a precedent for future advancements in democratic processes across India. The successful implementation of NeVA in Tripura will serve as a model for other states to follow, inspiring a nationwide shift towards efficient, transparent, and inclusive governance.

The upcoming digitalization of the Tripura Legislative Assembly through the NeVA project marks a significant step towards embracing technology for efficient and transparent governance. By enabling paperless proceedings and providing MLAs with easy access to crucial information, the assembly aims to streamline its operations and enhance public engagement. This pioneering initiative exemplifies Tripura’s commitment to digital transformation and sets the stage for similar advancements in legislative processes nationwide.

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