Tripura MLAs barred from raising over 3-year-old issues in Assembly

The Tripura Assembly Speaker has issued a notice barring members from raising issues in the House that are more than three years old. The notice states that MLAs should only raise issues that are of current public importance and that can be addressed by the government.

This move has been met with criticism from the opposition, who argue that it is an attempt to stifle debate and prevent them from holding the government accountable.

Speaker’s Justification

The Speaker has justified the decision by saying that it will help to streamline the proceedings of the House and ensure that only relevant issues are discussed. He also said that the three-year limit will prevent MLAs from raising frivolous or outdated issues.

Opposition’s Criticism

The opposition has accused the Speaker of trying to silence their voices and prevent them from highlighting the government’s failures. They argue that the three-year limit is arbitrary and that it will prevent them from raising important issues that may have occurred in the past.

Implications of the Rule

The rule is likely to have a significant impact on the way that MLAs raise issues in the Assembly. It may force them to be more selective in the issues they raise and to focus on more recent events.

It is also likely to lead to more heated debates, as MLAs may feel that they have a limited window of opportunity to raise important issues.