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Tripura School: Bajrang Dal Protests Religious Bias

Bajrang Dal activists in Tripura’s Agartala organized a protest alleging religious bias after a teacher at a private Christian missionary school reportedly forbade a student from wearing a Hindu symbol-adorned wristband, citing “offense to religious sentiments” and confiscating it.

School’s Response and Prompt Action

Upon learning of the incident, the parent reported it to the school principal, who assured prompt action. A meeting between the parent and the vice-principal was arranged, resulting in the teacher restoring the wristband to the student.

A Bajrang Dal spokesperson condemned the incident, expressing concerns about religious freedom in missionary-run schools. The group asserted that such actions hinder children’s natural development and not only affront the student’s beliefs but also attack Hinduism itself, violating cultural, traditional, and constitutional rights. The activists demanded the teacher be instructed to return the wristband.

Manoj Nath, a faculty member and parent of the affected student, highlighted the “significance” of the wristband from the Somnath Temple in Gujarat. He criticized the school for allegedly fostering a narrow mindset among students.

In response, Holy Cross School Principal Rev Jilson Tom described the incident as regrettable. He emphasized the school’s commitment to secular values and respect for all religious beliefs. Assuring that the school upholds every individual’s right to religious freedom, Rev Jilson Tom sought to address the concerns the Bajrang Dal activists raised.

This incident highlights the delicate balance between religious expression and accommodation within educational institutions, highlighting the importance of fostering an inclusive environment.

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