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Tripura: Tiprasa People Seek Answers on Promised Rs 1300 Crore Package

During a press meeting held at his Bidhan Sabha office on Friday, Opposition Leader and Tipra Motha Party MLA Animesh Debbarma raised a crucial question regarding the whereabouts of the Rs 1300 crore package promised by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman during her visit to Tripura in 2022.

The promised package was meant to address the development and welfare needs of the Tiprasa people, a significant ethnic community residing in the region. However, to date, there has been no substantial progress or allocation of funds in this regard, leaving the community disillusioned and seeking answers from the government.

MLA Animesh Debbarma expressed concern over the delay in implementing the proposed financial aid and highlighted the urgency of fulfilling the commitments made by the Finance Minister. He urged the government to provide a transparent account of the status and utilization of the allocated funds, emphasizing the importance of accountability in such matters.

“The Tiprasa community has been eagerly waiting for the promised assistance to uplift their socio-economic conditions and address long-standing issues. It is disheartening to see the lack of progress on this front, and the government owes an explanation to the people,” said MLA Debbarma during the press meeting.

The Opposition Leader’s questions have raised eyebrows among the Tiprasa people and other political leaders, who are also seeking clarity on the matter. The Finance Minister’s assurance during her visit had generated hope and expectations among the community members, who are now growing increasingly restless due to the prolonged delay.

As the demand for accountability gains momentum, the government is under increasing pressure to provide a comprehensive update on the status of the promised financial aid and outline a concrete plan for its implementation.

In response to the Opposition Leader’s statement, the ruling party and the concerned authorities are yet to release an official statement on the matter. The silence from the government has further fueled public concerns, prompting calls for immediate action and transparency.

With the issue now in the spotlight, the Tiprasa community and citizens of Tripura are looking for swift and decisive action from the government to address their grievances and fulfill the commitments made for the betterment of the region’s welfare and development.

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