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Tripura’s Queen Pineapple Launched in Delhi Hut, Garnering National and International Attention

In a significant development for Tripura’s agricultural sector, the Union Minister for Agriculture, Narendra Singh Tomar, officially launched the Queen Pineapple of Tripura at the Delhi Hut. The event, graced by the presence of State Agriculture Minister Ratan Lal Nath, witnessed the participation of numerous business personalities and the general public, who had the opportunity to taste the delicious and juicy fruit.

The Queen Pineapple variety has already gained widespread appreciation from various parts of the world. The deliberate effort to launch it at Delhi Hut aims to establish a consistent market presence and attract traders interested in pineapple trade. Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar highlighted the remarkable transformation that has taken place in the Northeast region, which was once considered economically backward. He credited the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for changing the face of the region.

Agriculture Minister Ratan Lal Nath, representing the state of Tripura, acknowledged the challenges faced by pineapple growers in obtaining remunerative prices due to inadequate marketing facilities. However, he expressed optimism that the situation has now changed. Nath cited the enthusiastic response shown by the trading community as a reason to expect the Queen Pineapple to secure a significant position in both national and international markets.

The launch of Tripura’s Queen Pineapple in the national capital holds immense significance for the state’s agricultural sector. It not only provides a platform to showcase the unique and delectable fruit but also creates opportunities for economic growth and prosperity. The recognition and interest garnered by the Queen Pineapple from diverse quarters underscore its potential to contribute to the agricultural and economic development of Tripura.

Pineapple cultivation has long been a prominent agricultural activity in Tripura, with the state boasting favorable climatic conditions for its growth. The Queen Pineapple, known for its distinct taste, aroma, and texture, has carved a niche for itself in the global market. The efforts to establish a regular market and attract traders will undoubtedly enhance the prospects of pineapple growers and stimulate the overall agricultural sector of Tripura.

The launch of the Queen Pineapple in Delhi Hut not only serves as a platform for showcasing the fruit but also signifies the commitment of the state government to support its farmers and facilitate market access. The improved marketing facilities and the interest shown by traders will enable pineapple growers to obtain better prices for their produce and encourage further expansion of pineapple cultivation in the region.

The growth and recognition of Tripura’s agricultural produce, such as the Queen Pineapple, align with the government’s vision to transform India’s agricultural landscape. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s focus on enhancing agricultural productivity and promoting agri-based enterprises has been instrumental in catalyzing the development of various sectors, including horticulture and fruit cultivation.

As the Queen Pineapple continues to receive accolades and gain popularity, it is poised to become a flagship product representing the agricultural prowess of Tripura. The state government’s commitment to providing necessary infrastructure, market linkages, and support services will further boost the prospects of pineapple growers and uplift the livelihoods of farmers in the region.

The launch of the Queen Pineapple in Delhi Hut marks a significant milestone in Tripura’s agricultural journey. It serves as a testament to the state’s agricultural potential, the hard work of its farmers, and the support of the government. The Queen Pineapple’s foray into national and international markets promises to open new avenues for economic growth, trade partnerships, and the promotion of Tripura as a hub of high-quality agricultural produce.

As consumers relish the delightful flavor of the Queen Pineapple, it is a moment of pride for Tripura and a testament to the state’s rich agricultural heritage. The fruit’s success story reflects the collective efforts of farmers, government officials, and industry stakeholders who are dedicated to transforming Tripura’s

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