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Tripura’s Unity Mall: Showcasing Distinctive Products and Fostering Cultural Exchange

Tripura’s Chief Minister, Dr. Manik Saha, recently unveiled exciting plans for the forthcoming Unity Mall in Agartala, which aims to showcase a wide array of distinctive products from across India, including Bangladesh.

During the announcement, Dr. Saha revealed that Bangladesh has shown a keen interest in exhibiting their products in the mall. As a result, Tripura has pledged to provide dedicated space within the Unity Mall for Bangladeshi products.

The ambitious project is scheduled to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 26, 2025. Dr. Saha emphasized that Unity Malls will be established in all state headquarters throughout the country, exclusively featuring locally made Indian products for sale. This initiative aligns with the vision of promoting and supporting “vocal for local” products.

After careful consideration, the Jute Mill complex on the outskirts of Agartala city was selected as the site for the Unity Mall. Although the TRTC complex was initially considered, the Jute Mill area proved more suitable due to its capacity to accommodate the mall’s requirements. The Chief Secretary and other senior officials have inspected the land, and construction is expected to commence soon.

Dr. Saha also highlighted that the Unity Mall will serve as a platform to showcase the unique products and cultural diversity of each district in Tripura. Separate spaces will be designated for every district, providing an opportunity to exhibit their local treasures.

The Unity Mall project aims to foster unity and cultural exchange, symbolizing collaboration between different states and neighboring countries. With its diverse collection of products and commitment to promoting local industries, the Unity Mall intends to create an exciting marketplace for visitors while stimulating the economic growth of the region.

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