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TW Minister Reminds Late Coming Rules to Employees: Punctuality is Key to Success

In a recent address, Tribal Welfare (TW) Minister Bikash Debbarma emphasized the importance of punctuality in government offices and reminded employees of the consequences of late coming. Debbarma stated that observance of punctuality is mandatory and that employees must reach the office by 10:15 AM and sign the attendance register.

Strict Action Against Late Comers

Debbarma warned that late attendance would not be treated casually and that strict action would be taken against employees who consistently fail to adhere to the punctuality guidelines. The Minister asserted that punctuality is a key determinant of work ethic and professionalism, and that tardiness can negatively impact overall productivity and efficiency.

Impact of Late Coming

Debbarma highlighted that late coming can disrupt office operations, lead to delayed work completion, and create a disruptive work environment for colleagues. He emphasized that punctuality is not just about individual responsibility but also about collective respect for the workplace and the importance of time management.

Employee Responsibilities

The Minister urged employees to take their punctuality seriously and to make every effort to arrive at work on time. He reminded them that punctuality is a reflection of their commitment to their work and their respect for their employer.

Importance of Punctuality

Debbarma’s message underscores the importance of punctuality in the workplace. Punctuality is not just about arriving at work on time; it is about demonstrating a sense of responsibility, professionalism, and respect for one’s colleagues and employer.

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