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Twipra Students’ Federation Sets the Record Straight: Correcting Misinformation Surrounding Peaceful Movement for Kokborok Language

In a bid to set the record straight, the Twipra Students’ Federation (TSF) has taken a proactive stance by issuing a press release to rectify the dissemination of false information regarding yesterday’s peaceful movement. TSF led the rally, which called for the inclusion of the Roman Alphabet for the Kokborok language on June 21, 2023.

Multiple newspapers and social media platforms had published inaccurate accounts of the event, prompting TSF to step forward and address the issue. The press release serves as an official statement to correct the misinformation that had been circulating.

The peaceful movement organized by TSF sought to emphasize the importance of adopting the Roman Alphabet for the Kokborok language, advocating for its recognition and inclusion. The objective was to create greater accessibility and promote wider usage of the language within the community.

Recognizing the impact of inaccurate reporting and the potential for misunderstandings, TSF took swift action to clarify the facts surrounding the event. By issuing the press release, the organization aims to ensure that the public receives accurate information and an unbiased understanding of the peaceful movement’s goals and purpose.

TSF’s commitment to transparency and accountability is evident through its proactive approach to rectifying the misinformation. This move also highlights the organization’s dedication to fostering open dialogue and promoting accurate reporting in the media.

As the press release from TSF circulates, it is expected that the corrected information will reach a wide audience, setting the record straight about the peaceful movement for the adoption of the Roman Alphabet for the Kokborok language. The organization’s efforts will contribute to a more informed public discourse and facilitate a better understanding of the objectives and aspirations behind the movement.

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