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Udhyam Vyapaar’s Istri Project: Revolutionizing Livelihood Projects with Modern Solutions

The Istri Project, an initiative aimed at transforming ironing practices and empowering communities, is shaking up the industry with its game-changing approach. By introducing LPG iron boxes as a superior alternative to traditional coal-based iron boxes, the project is enabling market transformation, driving economic growth, and promoting sustainability across Bangalore and Chennai.

The Istri Project is enabling Istri vyapaaris to transform their economic condition by helping them transition from coal to superior LPG iron boxes

Ironing vyapaaris traditionally encountered obstacles such as investing up to 2 hours daily to heat coal and the iron box, as well as travelling long distances to acquire coal, which has hindered productivity and wasting of valuable time. The LPG iron boxes have provided a breakthrough solution with higher efficiency and convenience. They heat up in less than 2-3 minutes, significantly reducing wait times for vyapaaris.

According to Mr. Ilaiyaraja A, an ironing vyapaari from Chennai who has experienced the transition, “I no longer have to travel 20 km to buy coal. With the LPG box, Ive bid farewell to those exhausting journeys. Not only has it saved me time, but it has also significantly boosted my income. Now, Im eager to spread the word to fellow ironing enthusiasts outside of Chennai.”

The Istri Projects impact extends beyond convenience and financial prosperity. By reducing coal consumption, the project has made substantial strides towards a greener future, with an annual reduction of 2.5K tonnes of coal. Moreover, it has positively impacted over 5,000 vyapaaris, resulting in a noteworthy upliftment of more than Rs. 25 crores annually. The projects impact multiple of money (IMM) of 22x in direct value and 44x in indirect value underscores its scalability and effectiveness.

We are delighted to witness the transformative impact of the Istri Project,” says Krishnan Ranganathan, Director, Udhyam VyapaarOur mission is to empower the livelihoods of nano entrepreneurs through sustainable solutions. By replacing traditional coal iron boxes with innovative LPG alternatives, we are not only enhancing the economic conditions of vyapaaris but also paving the way for a cleaner and more efficient future.”

Following the remarkable success in Chennai and Bangalore, and armed with a proven track record of community empowerment and sustainable practices – the Istri Project is poised to expand its impact to many other cities across the country.

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