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Unlocking the Power of Kokborok: Why the Tripura Native Language Deserves Roman Script

Kokborok, the main native language of the Tripuri people of the Indian state of Tripura, is an integral part of the state’s rich cultural heritage. However, despite its importance, Kokborok has yet to receive the recognition and support it deserves, especially in the realm of written communication. The use of the Bengali script to write Kokborok has long been a source of contention among Tripuri language activists, who argue that the roman script would be a more suitable and empowering choice for their language.

One of the main reasons for this argument is that the Bengali script is not well suited to represent the unique phonetics and sounds of Kokborok. As a result, many Tripuri words are misspelled or misinterpreted when written in Bengali, leading to a loss of the language’s true meaning and essence. The roman script, on the other hand, has the versatility and adaptability to accurately transcribe Kokborok’s phonetics and sounds, ensuring the preservation and proper representation of the language.

Additionally, the widespread use of the roman script has made it easier for Tripuri people to access and engage with information and resources written in their native language. This can help to bridge the digital divide and promote the growth and development of Kokborok, as well as support language revitalization efforts.

Moreover, the use of the roman script in Kokborok would also help to promote the language’s visibility and prestige, as well as give it a more universal appeal. The roman script is widely used and recognized globally, making it easier for Tripuri people to communicate and connect with others, both domestically and internationally.

The use of the roman script in Kokborok is a crucial step towards ensuring the proper representation and preservation of the language, as well as promoting its growth and visibility. The Tripuri people deserve to have their native language written and communicated in a manner that accurately represents their rich cultural heritage and history. The time has come to unlock the power of Kokborok and give it the recognition and support it deserves.

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